4 thoughts on “Zechariah Baar”

  1. You are on an amazing adventure that we pray opens your eyes to the needy and broken around you and to the every day blessings God has granted you. We know you understand much for your 14 years on this earth but where God’s Spirit lingers surprises and growth abound. Miss you already but you are looking at the same beautiful sky and the same Creator is watching over all of us. Good night, buddy -Mom & Dad


  2. Hey budd!! Not sure if you’ll be able to see this anytime soon, but we are all thinking of and prayin’ as God leads!! I wonder what your experience is like so far… being in the dirt doing yardwork made me think of building among the dirt in Guatemala and then doing stucco day- hope you had a good time with stucco 🙂 Also hope your head hasn’t got too sunburned without a hat..
    Have you done more playing than building things or an equal amount?
    Any certain prayer requests?
    Let us know if yeah- God knows what we need, yet God’s heart is moved and our spiritual reality shifted as we ask/seek/knock in prayer, especially together.. something I learn more and more.. and more with life 😉 love ya like crazy, Squid, & actually really missing you here at home 😉 xoooooo


  3. We are only hearing alarmist reports of torrential down pours, flu, earthquakes, no internet access, and yet we trust our Maker to oversee your growth, your safety, your work for His kingdom, your transformation through experiences in life. Stay strong, speak often to your Father who always sees, hears, knows. We love you. See you Tuesday – can’t wait for you to share! xoxo -Mom


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