6 thoughts on “Rod Huisingh”

  1. Rod – you’re there! I didn’t know you were going. Missed my chance to send a care package to Anya with you. You’ve got some great people in your group. Thank you for going and serving once again. Prayers for you as you work with new saints this time around. Will you be building in the same area?


  2. Hot Rod: I think your trying to catch up to me on Guat trips. You will be a huge blessing to the kids on this trip. I pray you will be blessed as God uses you this week. In Christ, Senor Al SpoonO


  3. ROD! Praying for you and your team tonight before I go to bed. Hope you can hang with all these young kids all week 🙂 Who am I kidding, we all know you’re a little energizer bunny! Praying you see God in all different new and exciting ways this year. Your team is lucky to have you! Take lots of pictures, I know you will! Can’t wait to here about the trip when you get back!


  4. Hey there my friend. Been praying on my bike rides for you. A little jealous! Praying that today was a great dedication day and that you are staying healthy. Keep serving our Maker as you always do! My event last night went well. Thanks for your prayers. Blessings my friend! -Kevin Van Wyhe


  5. Praying for you Hot Rod. Looking forward to a cup and hear the stories. Sing Stronger for me, tehe. Blessings my friend, Alan


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