13 thoughts on “Gabe Netzel”

  1. Hi Gabrs! Mom and I hope you had a great trip into Guatemala today. We are praying for you to experience God this week. Have a great time too and work hard! We know you have a great building team.

    Also, Allendale baseball lost to Stevensville Lakeshore 3-0 in the Semi finals today.

    Love you! Be awesome this week!


    1. Hey guys thanks for telling me that stinks but ive been having the best time here thanks for all the prayers that you been saying Happy Fathers Day Dad Love you


  2. Gabe! How is Guatemala?! Can you speak Spanish now? Hope you aren’t getting sick and that everything is going great! I’ll be praying for the remainder of your trip 🙂

    Let’s hang out when you get back!



    1. Hey Dusty how are you i miss you so much the prayers have been answered that you have been praying about us and the trip
      love you man


      1. So glad to hear from you Gabe! Love you and hope you are really experiencing God this week. mom and i cant wait to hear all the cool things you did with the team! Love and hugs. Mom and Dad


  3. hey gabe! hope your first guatemala experience is amazing. hope you guys are all safe and enjoying your time down there. been praying for you lots bud. can’t wait to hear about it when i get back!


    1. Thanks Kenn it stinks that you couldnt share this with me i miss you so much thanks for all the prayers that you have been doing


  4. Gabriel!

    I’m so excited that you are down in Guatemala serving and being a witness to the love of Christ! We are praying for you, especially that you would experience Christ’s love and reflect it to others. You will definitely have to let me know how the trip was when you get back…let’s do breakfast. Can’t wait to see you and hang out with you this summer! Let’s go invade Dustin’s house without telling him. Love you man!

    -Jake Mantel


  5. Hi Gabe, So, is it what you expected? I hope this is an amazing experience for you! God bless you and all those that you are with!
    Love, Mrs. Kuperus


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