13 thoughts on “Brent Spriensma”

  1. Hi Brent: I’m so excited that you get to serve in Guatemala this week. May you be open to the Spirit, may you be protected in the strong name of Jesus, may you be changed for God. I’d love to talk to you about your week when you return. Mrs. VanderPloeg


    1. Hi Brent, So happy for you that you could go to Guatemala on this Serve Project with ACS. What an awesome opportunity for you to see God in action and for you to show God’s Love to others. Praying for you daily!


  2. Hey Bud, I hope you are doing well. Praying that you are healthy as we heard news of sickness going around the base. I heard from Sebas’s mom and dad that the earthquake happened there early weds morning, probably just after you were all settled and asleep. I was grateful that they called up to Dan to assure us you all were good.
    Praying for you today as it is dedication day for the houses and that you have been blessed and a blessing to others. Once the internet gets working please let us know how you are. Can’t wait to hear your stories !
    We love you so much ! Love, mom


  3. Brent
    Easton says hi. Alyssa and Caleb too. We hope you are safe and having a great time. We will pray for you at lunch today. Love Easton Alyssa Caleb …. and Linda


  4. hey brent! hope all is well and that you are having a blast and enjoying the guatemala adventure. wish i could be there with you and the team but know you guys are changing sososo many lives. miss ya and can’t wait to hear about it when you get back!


  5. So I hear you have been getting lot’s of rain : ) Sounds like the mud is crazy. I am pretty sure you are one of them that they said may have fallen a number of times… you only took tennis shoes with no grip. Oh boy… I can only imagine your feet : ) Well, we have finally gotten some rain too and we need it more than you. How are you holding up ? Staying dry I hope for the most part with your poncho? Did you get sick ? Keep taking your stuff : ) How was dedication day ? Did you find your note ? All these things I have to ask, but I know you have limited internet. When you can, let us know how you are doing. I pray that you didn’t get sick and were able to experience a powerful day today. Much love to you kiddo. We miss you lots and I am pretty sure Charlie misses you too, and Willa maybe … well you know she is Willa : ) Hope you can chat soon. Love you ~ Mom


  6. Hello to everyone…..
    The trip is going awesome and is truly a life changing experience. I have been writing about our days and will tell you all about them when I get home. Thank you for all the prayers and support you have been giving me. I miss you all and cant wait to see you in a few days. Love you all with all my heart and hope God is watching over you and is taking the best care of you.
    P.S. Happy fathers day to the best Dad ever. I miss you so much an cant wait to see you in a few days. Don’t kill to many fish heff.


    1. We love you kiddo… keep on doing HIS work !!!! We know the devil is hitting you all hard but know that our God will prevail ! We can’t wait to see you and hear all about the amazing things of this journey. We pray for you often. Keep being a blessing and letting your light shine through !!!!


  7. Hi Brent from Grandpa W. he says it’s good to hear from you. No smart phone so passing along… He is praying for safety and life enriching experiences. Eager to have you share the stories. With love.

    Yea!! Good to hear from you. Prayers answered. Be safe. Write down lots. Love you.


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