8 thoughts on “Annabelle Pleune”

  1. Hi Annabooboo! I hear things are going better! You take care and God bless the work you are doing!
    Love, Mrs. Kuperus


  2. It feels like you’ve been gone forever! Grandma and grandpa were at the cottage last night to celebrate Father’s Day. Grandma said she was missing you the whole time. None of your friends were here this weekend. Kole was winning his baseball games, so Meeuwsen’s couldn’t come up. Meringas are here though… I made tacos last night and grandma brought the raspberry dessert with pretzel crust. Grandpa said Grace makes it better than grandma! He’s the real O.G.
    Love you babe! See you soon:)


    1. hey mom! i’m doing fine and the earthquake was about 80 miles away so only a couple of us felt it… i didn’t. yesterday, we were going up a mountain in our vans and it was so muddy that we almost slid off the mountain! scariest moment of my life omg. besides that, it’s going really good. miss you!


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