Team Allendale Christian Update

Hello families from Team Allendale Christian,

We have been in contact with the team down in Guatemala and they’re doing well, but they have had technical issues with the internet and will post updates as soon as it becomes possible.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

3 thoughts on “Team Allendale Christian Update”

  1. The team is doing well! We dedicated 5 houses yesterday and all of the families accepted Christ! It was an awesome day. We are excited four our 2 medical clinics. The team was also hit by some mild illness yesterday morning, but it didn’t slow us down. Everyone is feeling better today. God is Good!


    1. thank you for the update ! hopefully they will be able to communicate more before they are done with their week.


  2. Prayers continue for team Allendale Christian and their new “friends in Christ” in Guatemala! With an extra
    big hug for grandson, Cole!!!


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