6 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. I hope u made it safe and u had an awesome day! Tell Braden and Brock hi.
    Just wanted to update u on your dad, he had the second stint put in this morning and it went really well. They didn’t need to do the third one. He is going to be discharged today at like 4:00 or 5:00. Mom said he is doing really well!
    We pray that you do great things there and are safe. Hope to hear from u at some point tonight. Enjoy the worship service tonight!
    Love you and miss u.


  2. Hello team!
    I hope you are doing well and being a blessing everywhere you go. We are praying for you. Please post some pictures and updates. We would love to hear from you!


  3. To all the family and friends of Team Allendale Christian, it appears the base is having internet issues preventing updates. I can verify that the team arrived safely and is doing well. The earthquake in western Guatemala caused no harm to their location. Friday is home dedication day so the team really needs our prayers. If I hear any more from the team, I’ll share in another comment.


  4. To the family and friends of Team Allendale Christian, it appears the internet server at the base is not functioning. I can share that the team has arrived safely and doing well. The earthquake in western Guatemala did not cause any harm at their location.

    This message was received from a staff member last night, “So far all is good! First building day was amazing? Today was stucco and it rained day but yet stopped so all the kids played games at the base once we got back. No one is sick, all are healthy!”

    Today is home dedication day. It is the first of several days when people will be hear about Jesus’ love for them and have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Him as their Lord and Savior. The team will continue to need our prayers over these next several days.


  5. 6/17

    Yesterday (the 17th) was our first Med Clinic day. Our travel was slippery and long, but we arrived at the village safe and sound. When we arrived, there was a large crowd gathered already, expectant of our arrival. We emptied the vans of all of our equipment and set up shop. 7 people went inside to work with the medical part of our trip, while the rest of the team went outside and played with the kids. Several team members (Brock, Braden and Grant) were very excited to see basketball hoops set up around the school yard and their goal was to get the Guatemalans to play a little basketball! 🙂

    Once the medical clinic was over, we set up the projector and got the Jesus movie started. We ran into a few glitches with the movie, but God could not be stopped! The movie ended up playing the whole way through and after praying over the villagers, and Hermano Jesus’s powerful message, many of the village came forward to accept Christ! It was an awesome night and God really showed His power.

    It was a long day, but we are all refreshed today, and excited about what God is doing in Guatemala!

    Continue to pray for the second Med Clinic today!

    Mackenzie and Brock


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